About Harper House Publishers

The mission of Harper House Publishers is to create a resurgence of
interest and reverence for African American and other minority cultural
history. We believe that the rich history of contributions by minorities
to this country and the world should be common knowledge; and the
by-products of this intelligence will result in respect for other cultures
as well as pride and self-esteem in one’s heritage. This will affect a
greater cognizance and understanding of cultural differences on a
historical basis and encourage all people to appreciate the diversity of

We are looking for works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry or other genres
that educate and remind the public that all races have contributed and
continue to participate in the evolution of our civilization. Our
commitment is to highlight and showcase this history and make it
readily available on a world wide basis.

Harper House Publishers received the 2008 USA News "Best Book
Award" for historical fiction for the novel
Beacon on the Hill.
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